Cherry Blossom Time

As a youngster I sang everything from the Broadway musical Les Miserable's, the country-western Oak Ridge Boys to the 1940’s close-harmony Andrew Sisters.  “I’ll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time” by these sweet soundin’ sisters was one I sang while walking through the fruit trees. 

When mom sent me to pick cherries,  I first went up to the woods and let my pet chicken Arial out of the coop.   Our dog Friskey was by my side and my singing had the effect of a dinner bell, calling the cats from their lazy day resting spots.  Before I climbed the ladder, I was greeted by Arial’s white wings a flappin’ and a floppin’. She especially liked to perch on my shoulder as I stood on the top wrung pickin’ and a grinin’. 

She was a good chicken and ate her share of the ruby reds- I gave her the ones past their prime. I’m glad she never got silly and decided to do the chicken dance while I was reachin’ and a fillin’ or I was liable to lose my balance along with all my cherries and crack my egg open. 

A Red Breasted Gross Beak graces these cherry blossoms as I think of him a bit more handsome, his bright red breast nestled in between the layers of sheer, pale blossoms.  I studied one mighty close one summer at my folk’s camp- a beautiful bird.