As the Blue Bells Rang, the Yellow Birds Sang
Nature is magical.  When I am in it, it's presence wraps me in its charms transporting me to another world...and for those moments I am captivated and in love.  Perhaps it's because the Universe is all powerful and I lack all control, vulnerable to its wrath or majesty.  I do know that it speaks to me, perhaps how the birds spoke to John James Audubon and begged to be recorded.

My inspiration is two fold and happened during two different experiences. Years ago, on a visit home to PA, on a spring May day, my father visited with folks after the church service while my mother and I walked arm in arm to the graves of my grandparents and uncle.  My grandparents on my mothers side had both passed when I was too young to remember.  I never had the opportunity to spend time with them or ask the questions that I now contemplate.  

My uncle also passed at a young age.  He was always nice to us kids and very fun; I remember a particular time he took us on a very long bike ride.  I was chubby but I was excited to explore and did my best to keep up.  A comic book artist with a wealth of knowledge and experience, there are so many things I wish I could visit with him about.  

There we stood before their well groomed tombstones that mother weeds tenderly.  She was recalling some experiences as I listened eagerly. Weaving within her words of sentiment, Goldfinches fluttered by, trickling a trail of goodness on our spirits- their beautiful song.  I thanked them for their presence, a blessing at that moment.  

The flowers are from a time with my husband at the Grand Tetons National Park in July when wildflowers blanket the landscape.  Besides the Indian Paintbrush, these are my favorite and I knew they would work well with this design that was sitting in the wings since that day in May.

My title was originally planned to be "As The Church Bells Rang, The Yellow Bird's Sang.  But since we are in Natures Cathedral I prefer Blue Bells.