I have always lived near water with a deep respect for the life it brings. I grew up in the rural countryside of the Appalachian Mountains; cooling off in the Mahantango creek by day and being lulled by its babbling charms by night. When I moved out west, I found the rivers… or they found me. My spirit is rejuvenated by water’s presence, a powerful natural magnet. When a human being is drawn to this element, it seeks to be replenished by its force. Rebirth. It’s also natural to go to water because it’s where we came from- our mother’s womb, the most sacred water.


Equally, the mountains are a comfort to me, a presence of strength and truth. These ancient ones look on as life continues. They were here long before us and they will be here long after we leave. As a child, I experienced much wonder in the mysterious mountains, exploring and contemplating life. The grandfather stones, a quiet, strong, trusting teacher and guide.


A confluence is a very special place with a powerful energy; a place for healing and renewal of the body, mind and spirit.  Paper cut within the buffalo skull are two rivers; one red, the other blue. They meet and flow from the base of the mouth bringing life.