Where gold shines,

The finch makes its shrine.


Fit for a king, or in this case, fit for a finch- the beautiful blooming forsythia, their cathedral.  A place to feed not only the body and mind, but the spirit, their happy song reaching the heavens. 

They gather.  Communion. 


When I received word of this commission, I was in Santa Fe NM, demonstrating paper cut and watercolor at True West Gallery.  On my morning jog, amongst the prickly pear and purple thistle, I admired the purple finch.


How could I miss them, they flew right across my path!  Or was it the other way around- I flew right across theirs? Not only did I spy the beautiful rose purple of the male, I spied the humble earthiness of the female.  And that was my reminder to
add her- the backbone of the family and the bedrock of a nation.  Balance.


The rosette graces the center.  When we keep God in the center, beauty blossoms. Peace.