Night of the Winged

Lunas floating and flying above the stars
Grandmother moon smiles
Reaching out her loving arms
Cutting through the black of night
Not a sound
Great Horned owl makes his marvelous flight
Giant Silkworm moths at their peak
Owl has many to choose from
His midnight treat

Will the “moon moth” outsmart and out maneuver Great Horned Owl?  With it’s 4.5  inch wingspan, is Luna going to dance with the others in the comforts of Grandmother Moon?  Or will owl sing on a full tummy his evening tune? 

This is the first piece of the Centripetal Satire Series containing two alternating circles.  Continuing the flow of energy, I gave the Luna Moth a colorful cut circle, symbolic of its life force.  All living things maintain an energy and although most cannot see it, some can sense or even hear it.

While I was creating this piece the title flew into my mind as quickly as the owl flies.  When the Great Horned Owl visits, it’s very exciting.  I see him perched in the pine tree on my run or flying over the fence by our house at night.  When viewing his silhouette at dusk, his feather tufts, looking much like horns, make me smile.  I find great comfort to experience such a magnificent creature.