This piece represents the soul of an individual who is shining. A Sundial tells the time of day by the position of the sun.  As the sun advances in its daily course, typically a rod or gnomon casts a shadow on a surface where the hours of the day are engraved.  In this image, the butterflies represent the rod.

There is no doubt the butterfly has significant meaning to each individual.  It represents life as a whole and your transformation-a self evaluation and a time to set goals for manifesting change.  The metamorphosis process of a butterfly is quite impressive and can be an excellent guide. Many struggles, temptations and doubt can be overwhelming, but if we continue to have faith in something greater than ourselves while embracing these profound changes to the soul, we dance into the next stage of our being, filled with joy. 

You will notice the two Orange Sulpher butterflies and one gold silhouette create a triangle.  This represents the Trinity; the “three in one” or the one Divine Nature. The yellow butterflies symbolize enlightenment that is gained during our metamorphosis.  Black butterflies represents the mystery of what we will become.  It was Maya Angelou that said, “When you learn teach, when you receive give.”  The accents of gold symbolize a life well lived.