Educational Programs

For the past three years Emily worked as Arrowhead School's Artist-in-Residence, giving our students confidence and the power to be creators. Ms. Yellow Bird gently guided them to find their own artistic voice. Watching her work with the children made my heart soar as students were continually led to believe that they have voices with value that need to be shared with their peers and community. Through the two years I observed Emily in this residency, she brought a holistic view to her teaching where students were writing, discussing and illustrating their own poems, stories and books. Every school should be so lucky to have her visit! -Jo Newhall, Park County Superintendent of Schools.

Educational Mission

Art is an integral tool in education which inspires, motivates and creates new.  It's been my outlet for success, giving me a feeling of worth and happiness; therefore my programs are centered on the success of each individual. I have developed my programs to work across the curriculum, encompassing visual art, language arts, history, science, life skills and charachter building. 

Climbing a rock face wall towering 1000 ft., we will begin our ascension sharing our dreams and heritage, gaining confidence in our climb as we experiment with color and learn new tools to make visual art magic.  Finding new foot holds, we will make discoveries about art, ourselves and each other. As we traverse the summit, we will revel in our creations & reflect upon our journey.  While admiring the sunset, we will be empowered as we share our stories and listen to those of our peers.

K-12, Certified K-6

  • Guest Artist, Artist in Residence Programs, Nationwide, 2005- present
  • Art Teacher, K-6, Great Falls Public Schools, Great Falls MT
  • Classroom teacher, Grade 3, Four Winds Elementary, Fort Totten ND
  • Science Fair Tutor, Four Winds Elementary, Fort Totten ND
  • Classroom teacher, Grade 5, Four Winds Elementary, Fort Totten ND
  • Librarian, K-6, Line Mountain Elementary, Treverton PA

Art Council Roster of Artists
Represented with North Dakota, Montana & Perry County(Pennsylvania)

Who was your favorite teacher? 

Teachers come in all forms and they are not just the ones in schools.  Life has many of them if you are ready; even your enemy can be a teacher.  My favorite teacher was no enemy…she is very much beloved Dr. Anita Voelker was my Children's Literature professor, among other educational courses, and Advisor.  She taught with such enthusiasm and flare.  Her energetic, charismatic and dainty self, wisping across the room as if on fairy wings as she sprinkled "inspiration dust" on all of our heads, engaging everyone.  She would say, "Don't you just love the smell of books, Don't you just love how a hardcover book feels in your hands?  I just love the sound as I turn the page".  She re-lit my flame of passion to become an illustrator and also gave me a new appreciation for words.  She is truly one of the greats.  Thank you Anita.

Left: Anita with Caldecott Award Winning Illustrator, Jerry Pinkney


More great teachers….

When it comes to numbers, my head is as thick as a block of ice cut from the Jamison creek for the ice chest. Cherry was my best friend and an excellent teacher, especially MATH. She was OH SO patient and didn’t even grumble when she had to explain the same problem three different ways before my light bulb went on.

My elementary art teacher, Ann Bonawit was and continues to be an inspiration. She had a way of opening our creative minds and keeping the naughty boys in check. I can still see her demonstrating relief cuts, which I use with my paper cutting today.

Dianne Smeltz, AKA PA Dutch Pot Pie Queen, was my favorite Sunday School teacher and is a dear friend. I biked over to her house during one of many visits, and she asked me, “Have you ever looked at the mountains upside down?” “No” was my reply… so we did… and fell on our heads in laughter. I realized she was teaching me about “Looking at things from a different perspective”. The mountains really did look different from that view- I’m sure her husband had a good chuckle when he saw our two rumps in the air. Since then, I’ve always given a bit more thought to the mountains and hold a deep reverence for their majesty.