Educational Programs


Emily, working as an Arrowhead School Artist-in-Residence, gave our students confidence and the power to be creators. Watching Emily work with children made my heart soar. Rich examples of her art and poetry were shared and studied by students and then Emily gently guided them to find their artistic voice. Every school should be so lucky to have her visit!
- Park County Superintendent of Schools, Jo Newhall

Our students were fully engaged and looked forward to the next lesson with great enthusiasm. Emily received high praise from our teachers for her interaction with our students. My daughter couldn't wait to demonstrate what she learned.
-Mike Baer, Elementary Principal, Gardiner MT

The assessment comments....all positive and thoughtful. For the Animals Inside, said that you brought a much needed classroom management process and the teacher was continuing to use it with success. So not only did you bring a positive art experience to the school but improved classroom management...

-Bec McLaughlin, Director of Education, Montana Arts Council

Emily, You are a treasure! Loved the website and all of your fine news. You are such a great advocate for us all in the states. We are so proud to know you and Montana is so lucky to have you call it home!
- Arlynn Fishbaugh, Executive Director, Montana Arts Council

Thank you for all your efforts in creating a fantastic art experience!  You were so well prepared, inspiring and patient. I really appreciated how you drew each student out with their personal stories of their flower choice.
- Parent, Ovando School, MT

Thank you for coming....I really like when you showed us how to draw the rose.
- 2nd grade student, Glendive MT

What a great workshops you presented to the Ovando School Emily!  You were so well prepared, inspiring and patient.
- Ovando school board member and parent

This program was the highlight of the week for my second grade students.  They were excited to get to see their art come alive with the watercolors.  Emily was very helpful in guiding them while letting the art be their own creation. This was a rich,  cultural, artistic experience for the students.
- 2nd grade teacher, Cascade MT

Thank you so much for sharing your special talents with myself and our students.  You both are very inspirational people who have touched many students throughout the week.  I am sure you will leave a lasting impression on many hearts and minds, especially mine!
- Pam Fanning, Art Teacher, Havre MT

Dear Emily,  Every time I  have reason to think about an artist residency, you are in my thoughts.  There are times, when I am in my own quite thoughts, something you have written, comes to mind  that reminds me why I keep trying to encourage the study of art in our schools and individual lives.  Thank you for sending your thoughts.  Thank you for  inspiring the young and the old through your art and your good souls.  Thank you for teaching us the beauty of the earth and how it can transform our lives.
- Brenda Bjorlie, Nelson County Arts Council Director, Pekin ND

Congratulations!  Your work just continues to grow and develop in breadth and depth. You are an inspiration to me, and many others I am sure.
- Anna Hoffman, High school Art Teacher - Williston, ND

"I receive your information on what you have been doing.  It's wonderful.  I am very proud to have met and worked with you.  You are an inspiration to me.  Take care and remember, the sun will always shine when we have great people like you."
- Mary Bischof, Director of Easter Seals, Goodwill ND Inc.- Minot, ND