COMING MAY 2018, Denver Art Museum

The museum received such wonderful feedback about my demo and work, I've been asked back!



Paper That Pops Exhibit and Demonstrations, December 27 - January 4, Denver Art Museum

"This was such a wonderful demo, and it was amazing to witness so many fantastic conversations. 
Your work was a real inspiration to our vistors."
 -Erin Cousins,
 Director of the Studio & Artists Programs

Denver Art Museum brings Paris to Denver. Get your passport to Paris now!

As the featured artist, the experience was better than I could've imagined; 12 pieces on display,
welcoming staff, meaningful interactions with guests, super flow of traffic and exciting energy! 
Special thanks to Erin Cousins.


The owl brought this mother over for a closer look. We shared a pleasant conversation as he took flight.
Intrigued & intelligent, Maya & I had a lot to talk about.  We made stars twinkle & played a game with my portfolio. Foxy was ONE of her favorites. At the end, she suprised me with a paper cut.  I gave her a star I paper cut.  A gift for a gift. Thanks Maya.

 The kids were excited, which made me excited, which made their parents cheer...
or was it the other way around? 
I was super excited, which made the kids excited, which made their parents cheer.  Any way you slice it, the energy was magnetic!



Kids and adults were drawn to these unique pieces that pop. Some had many questions. How do you get them so perfect? Do you put your design into a computer and use a laser cutter? Pointing to my hand and heart, I said, "It begins and ends here." I don't seek perfection. It doesn't exist in humans. When my piece rings,
my heart sings.


It was wonderful to have the support of a dear friend. Thank you Gutierrez family.

Paper Cutting; Past and Present Demonstration, Canyon Gallery, Boulder CO, November 12

Historic examples of Scherenschnitte and Fraktur

Foxy made the newspapers, article

Fortune Cookie
AKA paper cut charm in jewelry box.

I had someone from the audience choose a jewelry box- 6 in a row.

I opened it and showed them the charm, pulling the fortune out which asked a question.

It was my way of keeping the audience engaged & myself on track while getting to the heart of the matter.

Jolene and her daughter, Shaian, came to support. Jolene is a published author and good friend, website.
Thanks for the great photos Jolene!
3-D Valentine
After paper cutting and watercolor,
we arrived at the finished product.

There are multiple examples of PA German Valentines from the 1800's that are circular in shape. This is my contemporary design which includes a poem.

Once Upon a Time Exhibit, Canyon Gallery- Boulder Public Library, November 2017

The reception, nicely attended, had a constant flow of traffic. Much interest, I enjoyed sharing my passion.

Illustrator and author, Roberta Collier- Morales, was the master-mind behind this show, first proposing it to the library and doing all the leg work to make it happen.

Thanks for this opportunity Bobbi!

Receptions, True West Gallery, Santa Fe NM, July 27 and August 17, 2017

I loved sharing my passion with friends Kat, Art and Laura Ellerby. But it was poodle Pecos who stole the show.
Thanks for all your support.

National Award Winning bead work artist, Karen Beaver of the Yupik and Mandan tribes.
Image result for karen beaver beadwork artist
Image result for karen beaver beadwork artist

Paper Cutting Demonstration, True West Gallery, Santa Fe NM, July 29- 30, 2017

It was a wonderful blessing to have my sister Susan Hudson drive 8 hours to support me, sharing beautiful words about life and dreams. An accomplished quilt ledger artist, she has won many national awards, article

Colter Bay Exhibit, Grand Teton National Park, July 2017


Show at Jackson, Wyoming the weekend before.

An artist herself, Melissa was drawn to the landscape of New Mexico. She and her family are enjoying this piece in their home in Iowa

Nelson County Art Show, Pekin ND June 22-25 2017

AWARD WINNING: 3rd Place, Mixed Media
Flowers and birds were the theme of the first show of the summer.
Centripetal Satire series

Divine Exhibit, Cottonwood Center for the Arts, April- May 2017

Part of my new "Mountain Moon" series, oil on canvas, these pieces were juried into the Divine Exhibit.


The mountains are a comfort to me, a presence of strength and truth.  These ancient ones look on as life continues. They were here long before us and they will be here long after we leave.  As a child, deep in the woods enveloped by the smell of wet moss, leaves and trees, my Border Collie and I had many adventures.  I experienced much wonder in those mysterious mountains, exploring and contemplating life.  The grandfather stones, a quiet, strong, trusting teacher and guide. They are the DIVINE.

49th Annual Art Auction, Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings MT, March 2017

Come one, come all, to the Midnight Montana Merry-Go-Round. 
Find your gold ticket and hand your cotton candy to mom and dad. Step out upon the platform of stars.  Choose your favorite mammal and hold on tight. Round and around the stars circle the heavens.  Up and down the mountains move on forever.

Midnight Montana Merry-Go-Round was auctioned off during an evening of live and silent auctions accompanied by cocktails and hors d overs.


The animals of Montana that were painted in Montana found a home in Montana and I couldn't be happier.


Artist in Residence, Upper Dauphin Area School, December 2016

Do not give up when you feel defeated - there is something greater on the other side of the struggle.

My motivational assembly is titled, "Messes Lead to Successes". Failures and obstacles are part of life. If we are open to learning from them, they become teachers which help us reach our goals-persistence & belief in ourselves is key.

My Dreamin' programs began with a motivational school-wide assembly,
grades 5-8. Throughout the week I worked with the middle school art students & 4th grade elementary. We water colored sunsets and cut our dreams out of black paper.

Commission, Loyalton PA, December 2016


Dream Home, oil on canvas

I was the first to get on the bus and the last to get off, bouncing over the country roads all the way home.  This gave me time to visit with my bus driver.  I showed him examples of my art and when I finished my first oil painting, he bought it for $50. Dennis believed in me as a child and continues today.  He commissioned me another oil painting. This time, it was a personalized piece.
click on image to read interpretation

The Joy of Family, 22" x 30", oil on canvas