Gallery Representation, Santa Fe NM

Thank you to Lisa and Craig for our new partnership.

No's make my heart beat faster and cause me to swallow hard... I've swallowed many. However, it's key to stay positive and share that energy with the world.

I walked into the galleries of Santa Fe with a tune in my heart, a smile on my face and a goal that I was going to gain gallery representation...and that is exactly what happened.

Not right away...I had to get a feel for the galleries and where I thought my unique paper cuts with watercolor would thrive.

Walking into True West Gallery, I was greeted by Joe and things started to flow. Minutes later I was sitting down with the gallery owner sharing my vision. Minutes later I was walking my new series in, 2 by 2.

Festival of the Arts, Sedona AZ, October 2016

"White Rabbit" will be traveling to the beautiful state of Hawaii where he will have plenty to eat in the garden of his collectors.

Works from the newest series, "Where Land and Sky Meet" received the most interest. As their first showing, I was very pleased with the outcome.

Where Land and Sky Meet, Newest Series, Georgia O'Keeffe Inspired

A new series is born from two very clear visions; flashes in my minds eye. I took seriously what I was shown and set to work creating, trusting that good things were to follow.

Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Regional Conference, Denver CO, September 2016

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It was a blessing networking with agents and editors. Time to write and roll...with the punches.

Things don't always go as planned, but as Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, winner of the Nobel Peace prize says, "The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them." I will continue to dream big, work hard and never give up.

Jackson Hole Art Show, Jackson WY, July 2016

One Fine Day for a Nap

Nestled in a field of waving wheat

Sleeps a kit fox kissable sweet
Dreams of adventures while butterflies dance
Eyes stay open, not a chance
Brothers and sisters to bed they went 
Frolicking all day he too is spent
As the sun slowly fades
Warmth from tail to nose is sure to stay

Foxy showed with me in Jackson. Monte and I shared a booth during this three day event. With sun on one and two rainy days to follow, we were pleasantly surprised with the many sales.

Looking forward to next year.

WORDS WITH WINGS Poetry Unit, Arrowhead Public Schools, Pray MT, April- May 2016
The grand finale'- a poetry reading to celebrate the students hard work and creativity...but there were many goodies in between. A four week poetry unit spread across a school year, we built upon styles and techniques with each week. In the end the students illustrated a book of their own poems, reading their favorite during the community event, illustration projected behind them.

Preparing one week of curriculum takes me at least one weeks time. My goal is to encompass not only poetry but also children's literature, illustration, theater, music, science and history, while making each lesson electrifying.

I need to be on target so the students can be on target. When I experience these smiles, I know they're making connections.

One student who struggles at times, blew the class away with his prophetic words. He found his voice and they were listening. Success!

Before the start of the community event, parents paged through their children's book of illustrated poems. One mother shared that her child insisted on having a note book to write her ideas in, just like Mrs. Yellow Bird.

I am but a sapling when it comes to art with words. I enlisted a tall pine to share her experience for a day, Montana's Poet Laureate, Tami Haaland.
Poetry Foundation

Holter Museum Auction, Helena MT, April 2016

Always a good feeling to gain a new collector- validation that the viewer is connecting with my work. Magpies found a creative home and can continue collecting shiny.

Art Auction 48, Winter Benefit, Yellowstone Museum, Billings MT, March 2016

Emily with "Fine Tuned and Pitch Perfect" 
at the opening reception for the Museum's Auction.

YAM website
My favorite style of singing is acappella.  My favorite place to sing, arm and arm with grandma, harmonizing to Sentimental Journey, our attention on one another’s eyes, voices melting like chocolate on a warm day.  Grandma was a Sweet Adeline.  Before their big debut, these ladies did their share of practicing; warming voices, finding pitch and their rhythm. Walking in her footsteps, I began my adventures with singing in church, school and onto the ethereal cathedrals of Europe.  While in Italy our director was pushing us to the max- we were tired from the many countries we were touring and our intense performance schedule.  However, as a good instructor does, with a charming spirit and grand arm movements, she pushed just enough to pull honey from the hive.  These birds need not practice; naturally they are fine tuned & pitch perfect."

Flowers Up Close and Personal, K-6, Gardiner School, Gardiner MT, February 2016
Emily shares, "I enjoyed my time with Gardiner Students immensely- so much that I could smell the flowers as the door closed behind me...buffalo grazing on the football field in front of me.  The students did a fantastic job- they can be proud of the new techniques they tried & their success working in a difficult medium.  Thank you for welcoming my program & seeing the value in art."

"Our students were fully engaged and looked forward to the next lesson with great enthusiasm.  Mrs. Yellow Bird received high praise from our teachers for her interaction with our students.  My daughter couldn't wait to demonstrate what she learned."  
-Principle, Mike Baer

Grand Holter Bazaar, Holter Museum, Helena MT, December - January 1, 2015
Emily was invited to participate in their Christmas Show- she was delighted to accept and has 8 paper cuts with watercolor from the Centripetal Satire series represented in the gallery. website